Do you have a great idea but neither the time nor the patience to write it down? Would writing a book be just the thing to boost your career? Have you been told that your story could be a bestseller or change the world? Perhaps you need a ghostwriter.

As your ghostwriter, we will work collaboratively with you to produce the book, article or blog you have always wanted to write and never had the time to do. We can also act as an editor and coach to help you spruce up your first draft or spur you on to finish your manuscript.

What can ghostwriters do?

Ghostwriting is almost limitless in its applications. Here are just a few types of projects and genres/styles we can ghostwrite for you:

  • nonfiction book proposals
  • self-help
  • memoir
  • alternative life style
  • travel
  • blog
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • grants
  • website copy

The Process:

Planning Phase: First we will go over your goals for the project. Are you building up your credentials in your field, or are you looking to connect more deeply with your audience? Do you want to be published? In this phase we will focus on establishing clear and open communication and building an atmosphere of trust with you.

Interview/Research Phase: Depending on the nature of your project, we will most likely conduct a series of interviews with you and other key subjects. Research may also be required. We will work with you to coordinate all meetings, interviews and research trips required around your schedule.

Writing phase: Once the source material has been gathered, we will draft the manuscript or proposal. Additional interviews and research may be required.

Revision phase: Depending on the project, we will work with an editor to develop and revise the manuscript.

Delivery: The final manuscript is delivered to you and/or your publisher.


There are multiple ways to get your writing to your target market, and we can help you find the best path for you. The options include traditional publishers, partner presses, and self-publishing.

Did you know that nonfiction books do not need to be finished to pitch to an agent or a publisher? You just need to have a well-written book proposal and 3-5 sample chapters. With our ghostwriting service, we can help you put together a sparkling book proposal that will sell itself to agents.