Memoir Books

Memoir Books

Your memoir book is a record of your life’s journey, in your own words, for generations to learn from and enjoy. When well-crafted, it will become a family heirloom to be cherished forever. Creating a memoir book is also a wonderful way to preserve the stories of loved-one before they pass on.

The Process:

Your beautiful heirloom-quality memoir book will be professionally written in your own voice, meticulously researched, and contain your most important life stories and photos in one place.

First we will interview you, and then compile and edit your words into a clear well-written manuscript. Next in the design phase, you may choose from customized layouts, hand-crafted bindings, and special printing techniques to perfectly encapsulate your stories in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind package. Finally, you can also add on family trees, genealogical and historical research, and video services to your project.

This is your story, and you can tell it exactly the way you want.

Sharing memories with the next generation.


Creating a memoir book from start to finish is an intense and wonderful process. Think of it as an epic journey across the continents of your past. The entire process will take between 8-24 months depending on the size and complexity of your project. While not a quick day trip, writing a memoir will transform you and your outlook on life. Below is a breakdown of the phases in a typical memoir book project:

  1. Planning Phase: First we will meet with you to talk about your vision for the book, and help you hone in on the areas of your life that you want to focus on. From there we will create a proposal that outlines the timeline and budget for the project.
  2. Interview phase: Over the course of 5-10 interviews, we will dive deeply into the topics and stories that you want to focus on. All the interviews will be recorded either as audio or video for you to keep.
  3. Editing phase: For the next phase, we will transcribe and edit your interviews to form the manuscript of your book. At various points along the way, you will be given opportunities to review drafts, give feedback, and add to or edit the text.
  4. Compilation/design phase: After the manuscript is complete and approved by you, we will compile the photos and visuals that you want to include in the book. Print photos will be scanned in high-resolution digital format.
  5. Print/publication phase: We will help you navigate the design and publication of the book by connecting you with book designers and custom printers. Typically a book designer will provide several layout and cover design ideas for your book. After you approve the design, we will help you navigate a range of printing options for your project.
  6. Finally your books are printed and ready to be read, shared and enjoyed!

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